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I believe I am signed up for the upcoming CGFNS exam, but I have not received my permit. Whom can I contact to verify this information?
You have two options:
1. You can email HCMI at with your full name, date of birth, CGFNS ID number and the exam date you believe you are scheduled for. We will contact CGFNS and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


2. You can call CGFNS on their automated system at To access the system, dial (international) 001+ 215-599-6200 or (domestic) 1-215-599-6200. This information can be found on their website. You will need to enter your CGFNS ID and date of birth.
What is the usual salary range for nurses working in the U.S.?
The salary range really depends on the cost of living and the city/state in which you are living. Hypothetically, someone in Washington, DC can’t make more money than someone in FL, but because the cost of living is higher in Washington, DC , they will be able to make their money if they go farther in FL.
I want to take the CGFNS, what should I do first?
Firstly, you should acquire either a CGFNS application or re-application from the or from this website. You must have Adobe Acrobat 5.0 to be able to view it.

You can download Adobe Acrobat 5.0 from here. Please follow the directions to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Once you can view the form(s), fill it out and submit to either our New Delhi office or send directly to us here in Canada office with the appropriate enclosures.
Secondly, you should take a review class, which our New Delhi office can assist you in finding location near to you.

I don't have my Visa Screen certificate, should I still attend my interview at the US Embassy?

Of course you should. Even if you do not have your Visa Screen certificate, they will just tell you to come in for a walk-in interview at the time you do have it. This way you do not have to make another appointment.
I would like to be assigned in Alabama, but I'm filling out a Connecticut Board of Nursing application. Would I still be allowed to practice nursing in other states?
Do not worry about having the Connecticut application forms. There is a rule called reciprocity that states that if you are licensed in one state, all others must acknowledge that as long as the reciprocity forms and fees are paid to the appropriate states. HCMI will handle the reciprocity fees so that you can work in the state of your preference.
Are there any special instructions when filling out the TOEFL & TSE forms?
Yes, please be sure to enter your own email address or if you don't have one on the registration sheet so that we can receive an electronic confirmation of the exam. Also, please use HCMI's mailing address for the confirmation so that we can facilitate that and have you notified of confirmation immediately. HCMI's address is: 145 Traders Blvd East, Suite # 36, Mississauga L4Z Ontario Canada
When should I take the TOEFL?
You can take the TOEFL at the same time as the CGFNS exam, provided you feel you can handle it. You can download the TOEFL form by clicking here, but please keep in mind, that you will need Adobe Acrobat 5.0 to view it and print it. Otherwise, you can acquire one from the New Delhi office
I took the last CGFNS exam you sponsored, what do I do next?
Please fax a copy of your CGFNS results to HCMI in New Delhi at (91-11-2615-2565) upon receipt of said results. We need your results to update our records and to update your sponsoring facility about the processing of your application.
If you had passed the exam, we will notify the lawyer and your immigrant visa petition will begin processing immediately.
Who will shoulder the interview fee at the US embassy?
The interview fee is also called the visa fee. The amount is $325 per person. The whole amount used to be paid at the embassy when the applicant went there for the visa interview. Starting last year, the payment was split in two: the first payment of $260 per person is paid to the US Department of State upon submission of Packet 3 to the INS. The balance of $65 per person is paid to the US embassy when the applicant goes for the visa interview.

The visa fee for the applicant is part of the package and is therefore paid for by HCMI. The visa fee for the applicant’s spouse and children, if applicable, is the responsibility of the applicant.
I have a tourist visa to the US , can I have an adjustment of status to immigrant visa?
If someone comes to the US on a tourist visa, he or she has to wait 60 days before an adjustment of status application and work authorization request can be filed. Both of these applications would take 90 days to finish. That means one has to wait 150 days before being to work legally as a nurse.
Why did you send me the contract that I had signed with HCMI?
The reason that we did that is because we knew that all our recruits would like a copy of the contract that they had signed. It is not because we are terminating the agreement that we had signed. It is a copy for your reference.
I took the CGFNS exam at my own expense and I passed, when can I get a refund?
Per latest instructions from the Top Management of HCMI, refunds for CGFNS exam fees incurred by the successful examinees will only be given once a notice of approval is received from the INS.
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