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As personnel management continues through the duration of the nurses’ and/or health care workers’ employment, we understand the need to provide post-recruitment services to our clients by providing guidance and assistance throughout the process, assuring smooth transition for nurse and/or health care worker and the hospitals/healthcare facility for long-term success.
We provide our clients (healthcare facilities) with relevant and detailed information and advise to support them in their human resources planning.
HCMI has a large pool of qualified nurses and health care workers, meeting and exceeding our healthcare client requirements.
We organize and co-ordinate recruitment exercises, relieving our client of all logistical matters.
We’ll work closely with you and your managers to locate the ideal applicant, whether it's for a RN for the rehab department, ER, ICU, OR, or for the med-surg floor. We can fulfill your requisition requirements.
No cost to register with HCMI. If your organization is accepted, your fee will be deducted gradually over a period of time for up to a year once the candidates are in your job, so there is no risk to you!
Or we offer reasonable fixed fees.
We make sure that you get what you are expecting, and we provide the screening immigration, licensing and all delivery issues including assimilation counselling.
Experience: We have been providing international staffing solutions for years.
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